• Identify an evangelical church that is committed to politics, advocating for public candidates, electing members to elected office, or broadcasting political propaganda in services or ceremonies.
  • Report and send this material to us, expressing your concern about the misuse of religious service, the priestly function, whose standard was provided by the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pointing out possible orthodox indoctrinations on the part of leaders, who coerce their members into believing that the church is the recipient of a divine commission authorizing this type of service.
  • If possible, report to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and the Regional Electoral Prosecutor's Office (PRE) any church that broadcasts pre-candidate propaganda, either inside the church or in the surrounding area, during election time. This practice incurs the crime of abuse of economic power and electoral crime (art. 37 of Law 9.504\97), as well as receiving direct or indirect donations in cash from churches during election time (art. 24, item VIII of Law 9.504\97) and donating, offering, promising or delivering to voters goods or advantages of any kind, including employment or public office, from registration until election day (art. 41-A of Law 9.504\97).


    • Personal register;
    • Declaration of faith, formalizing an opinion against politics within the church (promotion, dissemination, participation);
    • Proof of apologetic activity on the internet, including denouncing the use of the church to promote political campaigns, political parties and\or candidates for political office;
    • To provide and disseminate information that is pertinent and truthful to the purpose of the IGREJASEMPOLITICA.ORG movement so that it reaches the public;
    • Accept the conditions that this space will not be made available for doctrinal debate of any theological nature other than "church politics". Such as any publicizing of one's own church or denomination that goes beyond denunciation.