Bruno Soares
São Paulo/SP
The Scriptures teach us that we should seek a heavenly homeland and not an earthly fulfillment!
Pedro Henrique
Jesus taught us to separate ourselves from the corruption of this world and not to mix with it!
Cristina Albuquerque
The evangelical caucus doesn't represent me! They are there fighting for their own interests! Jesus and the apostles were never politicians!
Paulo André
It was political parties that killed Jesus and now the "followers of Christ" want to be participants in the same system that killed Jesus?
Fernando Ramos
Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Neither Jesus nor the apostles were politicians! And before you say anything about Joseph of Arimathea, he was a hidden disciple! And since when can a Christian be a hidden disciple? Matthew 05:13-15
Fernanda Pires


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    Jesus said that His kingdom is not here, IF IT WERE there would be those who would fight for it!!! Jesus commanded us to PREACH and ANNOUNCE the COMING Kingdom!!!

    "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you incur not of her plagues.
    For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.
    Revelation 18:4,5

  2. It is a disgrace what they are doing to the Gospel of Christ!!! This must stop!!!
    Jesus did not accept David's crown and revealed to us the model of ministry and God's purpose!!! His kingdom is not here!!!

  3. The model we must follow is always Jesus Christ! Based on this premise, how could there be churches linked to politics, when our Lord Jesus was never part of it?
    On the contrary... his preaching and questions criticized this corrupt statist model!

  4. Unfortunately, this is an almost total practice in the churches; I left several denominations because of this, today I am in one of these for lack of options here in my city, but I believe that I have to congregate in one of them; because there is no perfect church on earth. There are other terrible practices within these churches that must be combated. When I jumped from church to church, for these reasons I almost abandoned my faith and threw away my bibles, but through the mercy of the Lord Jesus, today I am more firm in my faith in GOD, not in man, temple signs, positions or empty promises; I trust in JESUS CHRIST and in him is all my hope of faith and practice. And it is the mission of those who are not ashamed of the gospel to combat these heresies, filth, apostasy, etc.

  5. Unfortunately, the church is going through its worst phase, a decline in the preaching of the gospel, Jesus no longer has a voice and his word is not being preached as he taught and commanded.
    But we can't be silent, we have to denounce and stand up for the pure gospel without mixture.
    ROM 12:2
    And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

  6. I'd like to denounce this cult and Holy Communion mockery in the Chamber of Deputies. I'll leave the link. This evangelical caucus is now taking the Holy Supper to the chamber to celebrate with those who are not of the faith! Mixing everything up and disrespecting this act for the memory of Christ and for His work of salvation.
    They say it's to celebrate a union. Union with the devil! Damn you! How can they demean the celebration that the Lord has asked for by wanting to unite purposes that are totally outside of what Christ has established and wants for His church, moreover, with people who are not of the faith, and don't even know Christ! Celebrating the union is with Christ in death to live for Him, but these unscrupulous men pervert this for their personal and materialistic interests! They will pay dearly!!! 😡

  7. What communion does darkness have with light? politics in the church represents corruption, lies, even death on their part to win a position? where is God in this already? but the kingdom of God is justice and holiness? a true Christian does not mix with politics?I was part of the assembly of God in belem and without having much knowledge of the word I thought it was normal for the pastor to ask for votes and prayers for the members to get elected he even used the church for a knowing the true gospel I see this as political interest and dishonor with the word of the lord. get out of it my people says the lord...

    To whom it may concern...follow the link so that everyone can see the audacity of our President of the Republic claiming that it is the hand of God in his favorable attitude to the nomination of a pastor to the Supreme Court!
    I don't know who is less good! If it's the president who professes a Catholic faith but mixes with so-called evangelical Christians or if it's these shameless people inside the church who should be proclaiming the gospel of Christ and not empty words according to their interests! much corruption!

  9. The peddlers of the temple strike again!

    Bolsonaro attends Assembly of God service in SP.

    Elections are coming up, and they need to secure state funding to maintain their large "temples".
    On the other side, it's business as usual, power-hungry politicians chasing votes from an ignorant people who exchange Jesus for Genesio and the true word for a bit of cheap philosophy that meets their material desires!
    Go on José Wellington (like Samuel Ferreira, Silas Malafaia, Estevam Hernandes...among others) and sink even deeper into this mud of compromises against the Church and the Gospel of Christ, taking with you a hundred thousand unsuspecting (not to say perverse and obstinate) people who still manage to see you as the figure of the ill-fated "anointed of god".
    If you are one of those who agree with this evil association (church+politics), you are one of them!
    If you understand that all this, in the light of the gospel, is a mistake, but you fail to do anything (whatever you can) to warn those who are lost, you sin by omission and connivance with sin and you also become one of them!
    It is the fundamental and indispensable role of every believer in Jesus: to exhort those who are of the faith in the light of the word!
    In the gospel there is no middle ground, no half words, the lukewarm, the indecisive...I mean, there is...and they are all walking hand in hand towards damnation!

    Evaluate yourself and make sure you're not one of those who, with their conscience seared inside some church, sleeping soundly, won't hear the voice of their Lord on the final day!


  10. Subliminal electoral propaganda:
    This is not happening today. Unfortunately, even with laws that prevent electoral propaganda on TV outside the free electoral hours and also inside "temples", which should remain immaculate.
    Unfortunately, they use Machiavelli's deceptive maxim "the end justifies the means". But in God's true work here on earth, this maxim is no good. It's corruption all the same.

  11. I believe that we are just passing through, that we have no ties to the state, that politics is a form of control.

  12. The church has suffered a great deal because of the irresponsibility of its own Christians. Unscrupulous men have taken over the pulpits and turned them into election platforms! Seeing all this subversion happening before our eyes, we can't help but feel utter REPUDIATION and INDIGNATION! Congratulations to the initiative!

  13. The church sold itself... sold itself so as not to have material losses, which took its character to seek only to achieve the interests of corrupt men and reprobates of faith in Christ!!! Here, the deputy "Madureira's boss" speaks using the Word to justify a conquest that was totally bought and separated from God's true purpose! The church that should be founded on the cornerstone, the authority: Christ (Mk 12:10; Lk 20:17; Acts 4:11), following the revelation of the pattern of faith, behavior, ministry and following the administrative form of the church that apostles (personally chosen by Christ) represented, preferred to simply usurp and pursue humanistic and worldly interests. The exercise of the church cannot be independent, but to be legitimate it must be linked to Christ and His Word!!! Responsibility! Not to act in an unscrupulous way and quote isolated and cut-up verses to justify some acts of spurious and earthly interests, but to live for Christ independent of all the powers of the world system. They are preparing for the antichrist and the new order, and they will also ask for the despot!!! Wake up, church!!! Our homeland is not here...

  14. It is regrettable that the Church of Christ is being used for self-interest and politics. Totally detached from the testimony of the Church instituted by the Lord in Acts.
    May we spread the word so that those who are outside know that Jesus has nothing to do with these corrupt leaders.
    May many wake up to defend the pure gospel.

    How absurd! The church has used political subterfuge to achieve its goals. I'd like to know at what point Jesus joined forces with a politician to achieve his interests?
    This protest on April 11 clearly shows the church taking to the streets, allying itself with the president, defending his image, thinking that this will benefit them! Hell of a fallacy! Jesus has nothing to do with politicians! So the church should not get involved in these matters. Lamentable!

  16. Regrettable: those churches that accept politicians into their midst.
    The church is Christ's.
    He decides how it should be.
    It's a shame for those who call themselves evangelical to be in the midst of so much corruption.
    Shaming the gospel of Christ.
    John: 18-36
    Jesus said: "My kingdom is not of this world;
    If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight, so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but now my kingdom is not from here.

  17. Pastor Josué Valandro said that it's a big lie that the church doesn't have to talk about politics. Now, I'd like to know what biblical backing he got for this information, because he only talked about history, but what prevails is what Jesus said, that the model church is the one in Acts. And we don't see that there, Christians wanting to enter politics to defend their ideals, but Christians concerned with proclaiming the true revealed word.

  18. In the last municipal elections in my city, there was a spree of pastors running for office. They all come with that talk of defending the gospel. It's pure lies. They want the benefits of the state.

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